Environment TD / 3D Generalist

HDRI photography and creation
UV Mapping
Texture Painting

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Dean O'Keeffe -About me

Alice: Madness Returns. Texture artist and fire FX using Photoshop, XSI and Maya at Passion Pictures (London).

Compare The Market

Compare The Market, Streets of Ambitiousness. Character costume texture artist using Photoshop and XSI at Passion Pictures (London).

BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold. All modelling, texturing, shading, filming, HDRI panoramic photography, tracking and compositing using Maya, Boujou and Nuke.

My 2013 showreel is now online!

I have recently completed work on 47 Ronin at Framestore as an Environment TD, and previously worked on John Carter at Cinesite, also as an Environment TD.

I am available to work and seeking any Environment TD or Generalist positions.  It is these roles that are most suited to my skill set, which includes modelling, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing.

I am dedicated to creating 3D and VFX work that is of the highest quality and goes beyond expectations.  This is achieved by seeking and taking input, acting upon it and not resting until a shot or piece of work has a level of quality that is desired within any deadline.

In addition to my skill set I have strong problem solving abilities, both through experience and my pro-active approach to production issues. 

Some free time is spent learning new techniques and approaches to 3D and VFX production and this is applied to my professional work.

Motivation and experience allows me to take a project through all stages of production, from concept to completion, when working independently, but I prefer to work within a team environment and I would definitely describe myself as a team player.

If you have any feedback, general enquiries or would like to request a copy of my CV and showreel pack do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Dean O'Keeffe -About me